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Adoption Praise and Prayer

Christmas Carter Kids 2012

Christmas Carter Kids 2012

Got my new passport. Ready to travel!

Got my new passport. Ready to travel!

on August 16, 2012 the Malaysian courts approved Kiara's adoption

on August 16, 2012 the Malaysian courts approved Kiara’s adoption

Thanks so much for your prayers for our precious baby girl. She is an absolute joy, so full of smiles and laughter. We completed all of the Malaysian adoption process in August. We waited for the paperwork to be processed and then got her Malaysian passport in just a few short hours:) We then waited 3 months for the translation of the official documents which finally arrived in December. In January we applied for Kiara’s citizenship through the US embassy here in KL. THey took a few weeks to check everything out and we were called back in last Wednesday to be informed of their research. They are recommending our case ūüôā and are forwarding it on to Bangkok for the US Immigation approval for Asia. We would greatly appreciate your continued prayers for these last few steps. We hope to be back in America by the end of May for a summer stateside time. Kiara must have this immigrant visa to travel. Please pray for Gods covering that all will move along in a timely manner and that we can finalize her citizenship as we cross US soil this summer. What a faithful God we serve! He has been with us every step of the way. Thank you for joining us in this prayer of praise! He has done great things! We continue to rely on him and trust in his provision.


Our Easter Blessing

Kiara (KEY- ARE- UH) Jeyashree Carter

Born on March 31, 2012

just a tiny one weighing 5 lbs.

These past four months have been a whirlwind and it seems I have gotten a bit behind on blogs and here is why….On Easter Sunday after all the partying we got a phone call¬†from one of our contacts saying that she had a baby girl and we could come and visit her that afternoon!!!! so we quickly made arrangements and headed about an hour south to meet what we thought might be our precious little one. Though we hoped and prayed for the last several months that she would arrive soon and that we would know clearly she was the one, it was so overwhelming and shocking to be driving home with her that evening. We had nothing prepared but¬†our precious friends immediately gathered up all the¬†baby gear they had and headed our way. The kids were so excited and she¬†was showered with much love from everyone!! Lack of sleep and a very surreal feeling pervaded those first few days but what a joy to have Kiara with our family.

We had previoulsy met¬† with a lawyer so she gathered all the necesary papers, got them signed, and applied for a court date. On June 4th we had our first court date for the Malaysian adoption and were assigned a local ¬†welfare worker. The welfare worker just did our¬†1 hour Malaysian home study this past week. He shared that the judge who normally presides was gone on maternity leave and the¬† fill in judge had been making things difficult for others. He¬†asked our welfare worker not to approve us because he didn’t want foreigners adopting, but¬†our worker knew¬†that it wasn’t legal and had the support of his boss to approve us. Just a few weeks later this judge died of a heart attack and our Hindu welfare worker believes many people cursed him because of his evilness and he died. Interesting? I’m just reminded that God will go before us and he will fight for us! Our hopefully final court date will be this week on Aug.16 with the judge who has returned from maternity leave and has a good reputation:) Next we will apply for her Malaysian passport and then begin the process with US Immigration to get citizenship.¬†We’ve been told to ¬†be prepared for some possible bumps with the US ¬†process. We continue to trust God and seek his pathway. Pray that we can show Gods love to¬†everyone we deal with through the adoption process. I am continually reminded how important the prayers of the righteous are as we move through these processes. THANK YOU so much to all who have prayed for our precious little one to join our family! God has answered our prayers!! Join us as we pray through the next steps and see God’s goodness¬†and faithfulness.¬†

Kiara’s first Sunday at church


Our first family photo as a family of seven

Three months old

BIg smiles making a friend at the Butterfly garden

He’s Alive

Celebrating Crete's 7th birthday

We want to wish all of you a great Resurrection weekend as we celebrate that Jesus is Alive! Yesterday (Good Friday) we gathered with our co-workers for a delicious¬† brunch, encouragement,¬†and a time to focus on the Cross. We’ve already had the opportunity today to share with neighbors the meaning of Easter as we shared Easter treats. Tonight our neighborhood group will gather for a fellowship (our gift is hospitality) expecting some of the neighbors to join. I’m excited that a family from our street will join us. They have two daughters that go to Keleigh’s preschool and the girls often play together and I go walking with the mom sometimes. Pray that we can show Jesus love to these families as we share the Resurrection Story and why we have Easter.

Tomorrow will be a big day at IC@MK¬†as we begin the morning with baptisms, then Resurrection Worship with Lord’s Supper and finally a Potbless¬†(they don’t like to say potluck) Lunch. Pray for many new friends that have been invited, including a group from a local girls home that we are¬†beginning¬†to partner with. Pray for Sunday School and the outreach to the children/youth and their families. Continue to pray for a mother and her young daughter who are faithfully coming each week that she will have¬†a breakthrough in understanding Gods Word as she finds it quite difficult. The men are continuing to meet and to pray seeking God’s¬†wisdom for their leadership roles. Pray for the home fellowships which will begin this month. God has done such amazing things in building his church over the last 8 months. Praise Him!!!!

We’ve had fun¬†celebrating birthdays these past few weeks. Caden¬†turned 12, Crete turned 7, and Scott hit the big 40:) Caden¬†did a TV interview for ice hockey and Crete scored a goal on his birthday. Please continue to pray for our adoption and for God’s plan for the special child who will join our family. I am praying that the open door will be very clear and that all other doors will be shut as we search for our child. Our hearts are anxious yet we trust in HIS perfect timing.

Caden's 12th birthday. Answered prayer that God brought him this friend!

Thank you for joining us through your prayers as we share the love of Jesus and see lives transformed. Have a Blessed Easter Weekend!!!

Palm Sunday action



Giving thanks for the first baptisms of IC@MK


After mom and dads turn now for sister and then brother

It was an amazing morning seeing ten follow in obedience to baptism of immersion just like Jesus.

Baby dedication for Catalina Joy!

A ladies brunch to kick off ladies ministry

It’s been a month of many firsts for the ch plant-first Sunday School classes, first baptismal service, first baby dedication, first ladies brunch, first ladies Beth Moore study begins, and so many new faces joining us for the first time.¬† Please pray for us as we grow that we will continue to focus on Father and be led by the Spirit. Praise God for new leaders who are stepping up to coordinate various ministries. Please pray for our core group to have wisdom and unity in leading until we have elders in place. Pray for the process of appointing elders to lead the family.
Praise the Lord that Scott was able to finish up another research paper this week. Praise the Lord for a great start to the new soccer season. Praise the Lord for two new moms who have received their first Bibles and are learning about Jesus. Pray for their understanding and that they will choose to walk with Jesus.
Please continue to pray for our neighborhood group as we reach out. Because of the host having dengue fever we had to reschedule the open house concerning the new ch plant till March. Pray that we will be unified with these partners and of one vision as we move forward.
Please pray for Crystal and the boys as they travel to a neighboring country tomorrow for the Homeschool Conference. Pray for Scott and Keleigh as they hold down things on the homefront.  Pray for the volunteers who have come to serve and for a God honoring and encouraging time together.

Soccer fun has begun


New season, new uniforms, let's play!

Thank you for partnering with us in prayer!!  Together we see God do things that only HE can do!!


Chinese New Year 2012–Dragon Year

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy Chinese New Year!

¬†We were sad to miss the first few days of Chinese New Year while we were away at meetings. Thankfully it lasts for fifteen days so we were able to¬†join the celebrations upon our return. We¬† enjoyed visiting the homes of neighbors and friends and eating lots of special New Year treats.¬† The coffee table in each home is covered with small containers filled with cookies, snacks, and oranges.We heard the sounds of fireworks almost¬†every night¬†and enjoyed exchanging and eating mandarin oranges (a sign of gold and a prosperous new year). The children’s favorite part is getting ang¬†pows (red envelopes with money) from all the aunties and uncles:) We have some new evanglestic DVD’s that we shared as we visited. Please pray for families to watch them and for a hunger to know more about the Savior.

Visiting the neighbors that live on Uncle Koh and Aunty Rose's street


Chinese Buddhists keep family altars in their homes

Mini Lion Dance costume with ang pows(red envelopes with money)

IC@MK¬†will have its first baptismal service this Sunday. Please pray for these children and an adult as they walk in obedience with the Father. We had a great Children’s Sunday School kickoff last week and all the children are looking forward to their new classes. February 17 will be our Ladies Brunch to help get to know others and begin women’s¬†ministries. A Beth Moore Bible Study will begin the last week of February. Please pray for Fathers guidance as he leads us to begin these new ministries. Please pray for visitors who found us on facebook, have visited, and want to know more about Gods Word.
On February 18 we plan to gather our neighborhood group with other interested families and a partner church to talk about starting a ch plant. Pray for wisdom as we seek Fathers direction and how HE will build his family in our neighborhood. Please pray for Michael’s healing, one of our members,¬†as he¬† is in the hospital this week due to dengue fever. His family has brought such encouragement to our group and plan to host our gathering.Pray protection over of all the families who are stepping forward to serve in each of the ch plants.
Pray for an International Christian School that  is hoping to start in the fall. They need a temporary location to startup and will later move into a purpose built school. Pray for the government permits and all the details of preparation.
Please pray for our adoption that we will have wisdom and insight as we search for our baby girl. We have been encouraged as the Lord has brought several new people into our lives that have gone through the adoption process here. Pray that we are strengthened as we wait upon the Lord and his perfect timing.
Thank you for piercing the darkness here with your prayers. You are making a difference and we continually thank God for you!!!

New Year take two

Ice skating fun

We enjoyed a quiet New Year week and  had some fun family time at the ice rink. Scott and I were blessed to have an anniversary getaway to Pangkor Island ! We dusted off the golf clubs and enjoyed the beach views. This week Scott has been upcountry doing his doctoral seminars. Praise the Lord things have gone smoothly at  home while he was away. Please pray for him as he works toward completing this degree while juggling many other hats.
Tomorrow we leave for meetings in a neighboring country. Coworkers from across East Asia will join together for a time of spiritual renewal, learning, corporate prayer, and seeking Fathers direction.Please pray for travel mercies, safety, good health, renewed vison, and revival as we praise him together.
Praise the Lord for the growth we are seeing at IC@MK and Kajang ch plants. As we grow so quickly please pray for wisdom and discernment to balance the excitement of begining new ministries within the fellowship that reflect Christ. Youth Sunday School has started and Childrens Sunday School begins next month. The enemy is certainly out to kill, steal, & destroy what the Lord is building. Pray that we will stay alert and that his schemes will be quickly crushed. Pray for good communication and unity.
New Year take two!! Another New Year is already upon us–Chinese New Year begins this weekend. Please pray for our brothers and sisters who will travel back home to be with their families who don’t yet know Jesus. Pray for all the opportunities that the holidays bring to share truth and for wisdom in handling traditional customs that are observed during this time. May God get the glory and many more be touched by his love. Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa¬†Chai!!!!
We continually thank God for each of you!!!
Carter Fam on Christmas 2011

¬†Praying¬† that each of you had a joyous Christmas! As we come to the close of another amazing year we are overhwhelmed by God’s amazing love.¬† Our familyhas been¬† blessed in many ways and what a privilege to be a small part of¬†what Father is doing here in our city and among the nations. ¬†

Caden is 11and 1/2, enjoying ice hockey and playing drums

Keaton is 10, enjoying being a soccer goalie and learning baking


Crete Judson is 6, started soccer league, enjoys singing and reading


Keleigh Grace is 5, enjoys fashion, singing, and trying to keep up with her brothers












As¬†a family we flew less this year than we ever have in our¬†time living abroad. We enjoyed a beach vacation to Phuket, Thailand after attending the homeschool conference. We also made a couple trips to Singapore for visa runs. We went ¬†on lots of¬†educational field trips around KL, and¬†the kids continue to do modeling and fashion shows.¬†Lots of time was spent on the soccer field and at the ice hockey rink. We enjoyed hosting¬†several friends and volunteer teams that they might see Father’s heart for this city as they joined in the work.¬†¬†Another¬†first for our kids was trick or treating at Halloween and a haunted house. A big blessing was having family visit, Mimi & Papa spent Thanksgiving holidays with us. We are thankful for many new international friendships and partners as¬†we watched ¬†God building¬†His church¬†while focusing more on Ch planting the second half of this year. Caden thanks all of you who prayed for him to have some friendships with boys his age!

We¬†are looking expectanly to 2012 and all God will do especially the addition of¬†a new member to our family.¬†Yes it’s crazy adding to this crew:) ¬†but we are all thrilled at the prospect of a new baby sister. We’ve ¬†had a desire in our hearts to adopt for a long time,¬†but this past year the Lord began rekindling that desire and bringing it closer to reality. We completed our Homestudy in the fall and are waiting now to find the right child Father has to place in our family. There are no adoption agencies in our country so it is all done privately. I was told “You all are in charge of your adoption” —that can be a bit daunting:)We covet your prayers as we go through this process and¬†trust the Lord¬†as¬†He sees us through¬†every question and ¬†need. ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

We are so grateful for each of you –our prayer partners who¬†walk with us through these journeys of sharing Jesus love and seeing lives transformed. Thanks¬†for your giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering that enables our family to be here.¬†We appreciate your faithful prayers that carry our family¬†through the hard days¬†and for the encouragement as we see others obeying and following in the freedom of a personal¬†Savior. We are praying for you!!

A blessed New Year to all of you!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


Alex & Joanna's weddingPraise the Lord on December 11 they became Mr and Mrs Wee. Please pray for this young couple we've been sharing with and that they will make Christ the center of it all. Pray for all the family and friends who heard the message of Gods love during the wedding ceremony.


True North Christmas Fun

Praise the Lord for a great group of  international youth that are meeting each month to learn about Jesus, eat, and share some laughs. We had a spaghetti dinner, funny relays, and singing and sharing about the true meaning of Christmas. Pray for these young people to grow a firm foundation and for those who are hearing about Jesus for the first time.

Putra Heights Christmas PartyFood time


After the share time we invited all the neighbors for a Christmas Feast with turkey

We held our annual Putra Heights Christmas Party with caroling and reading scripture as the guests hung the nativity ornaments on the tree. After our Brother MK shared his testimony,  his Buddhist mom began cheering for him so proud of his sharing. Pray that both his parents will understand what he shared and follow Jesus. The majority of the guests have not yet believed, some have come for the Christmas party in previous years and for others it was their first time. Pray that we can continue reaching out to the all the people in our neighborhood with the love of Christ. Praise him that so many were able to come and to hear the story this Christmas.  Pray for Fathers guidance as we desire to see his church be established right here in our neighborhood of Putra Heights.

IC@MK Christmas Caroling and Potbless


Away in a Manger Duet ūüôā

We had lots of yummy food, new friends,¬†¬†and fun fellowship as we gathered for our first party in our new home. It was a great time of just getting to know each other better as many are new aquaintances. Scott did a question and answer time to help share the vision of the ch plant. Please pray for wisdom as we begin placing leadership and helping others to serve with their talents. We’ve been praying for a worship¬† and S.S. coordinator and for others to fill the needed positions. Father has been so faithful to provide. We want to see S.S. and home fellowship groups begin soon.

The princess turned five this month

Thank you for praying with us this Christmas as many heard the truth about Jesus and how much he loves them. Pray that the hearts will be softened and allow him to transform them and love them.  Christmas Blessing to all of you. We are praying for you!

With hearts full of Thanksgiving

Sorry it seems last months draft was never published so here it is.

Praise the Lord the Office of Immigration¬†has¬† granted¬†us a ¬†stay pass for three more years. We really appreicate your¬† prayers as this process was a bit more complex than we had anticipated. Last month I shared that the long processing meant we would need to leave the country but in Fathers great provision we were given an extension and didn’t need to travel out! Thank you for praying and for the grace that was extended.

Praise the Lord that all the remodeling went as scheduled and IC@MK was  able to hold their  first service on November 6  at our new home in  Gateway Kiaramas. We were overwhelmed by more than one hundred attending representing about 20 different nationalities. The Lord continues to amaze us as he grows this sweet family of believers. Please pray for us as we grow and as others begin serving with their gifts and talents.

Praise the Lord¬†¬†for a great visit from Mimi and Papa. We enjoyed celebrating Thanksgiving holidays together,¬† getting to spend time with the¬† people and work here, and a trip up North to Penang. So grateful that travels went smoothly with Mimi’s broken foot. It is always a great blessing to get to be with our family!

The Christmas holiday outreach is already upon us. Please pray for the opportunites we have to share the truth of Christmas and that the hearts will be ready to receive and be set free. IC@MK will be having a Christmas Potluck Dinner and Caroling on Dec. 10. True North will have a Christmas party on the 15th, and our neighborhood group in Putra Heights will be having a party on December 17.

Prayng that each of you have a great Thanksgiving Holiday and that you take time to give Thanks to the Lord for all he has done!

IC@MK first service in our new home


Fun times with Mimi &Papa


For Fall Fun this week we’ve seen the many fireworks of Deepavali (Indian festival of lights) , had turkey for an early Thanksgiving feast, and everyone is getting their costumes and pumpkins ready for Halloween festivities this weekend.

It is hard to believe that we have been meeting for 8 Sundays already with our family at IC@MK. We have averaged about 70 each week and seen many different nations represented. Thank you for your prayers for the provision of a place to lease. The first place did not work out we believe, because God had another place for us. Some great Christian landlords have happily leased us office space and helped us to get all the necessary permission for the renovations. The walls have been hacked out between the office spaces, painted and today the carpeting will be put down. Furniture and sound system to be arriving soon. We are planning for our first Sunday in our new home with our new family on November 6. Please pray for all the details that must come together to make this happen.  The building is called Gateway Kiaramas- we are praying that this fellowship will be a gateway to reaching every nation, tongue, and tribe with the Fathers salvation.

Tonight October 27, will be the second True North international youth club meeting. We have a special Third Culture Kid speaker coming to share.Thanks for praying us through a great first meeting with 25 teens from six different schools. Some were a bit apprehensive and checking things out to see if it really would be fun. They played in pudding, marked on peoples feet, ate pizza,and all the crazy fun teen stuff they like to do. Scott shared a message about what True North means and being pointed in Fathers direction. Many plan to bring along their friends this time and we were excited to have several non believers. The vision is for this to be a city wide partnership reaching out to all  international teens from various  fellowships and schools.  Pray that this would be a time of encouragement for the teens, that they would be overhwhelmed by Fathers love, and that more would follow the Master.

Thanks for your prayers concerning our much needed work permits. Things are taking a bit longer than we expected as the lawyers doing it for us are being VERY detailed. It’s a good thing to be done properly and will hopefully get us a three year permit, however it puts us very close to the expiration of our tourist visas . We have been advised we may need to make an unexpected visa run. Things are busyand it would need to be in the next week. The other option could be¬† an extension or paying an overstay fine???Please pray for this process and that we will have¬†wisdom to know what to do.¬†

We are so grateful for all you prayer warriors out there who are covering us in this crucial time of planting a new fellowship. It can be so overwhelming with so many decisions and of course the enemy pushing back. So Glad God is building this and not us! So thankful for all the partners through prayer, finances, and other ways that he supplies each need. What a mighty God we serve! May you feel his love today and share it with others around you.  


Renovation fun at Gateway Kiaramas. Not sure if the Carter kids are inspecting or demolishing